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Founder & Head Coach

Hometown: Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Nationalities: UK, Japan

Harry started out as a footballer up until the U-15 level. At that point, like so many other runners with thin, lanky frames - he was pushed out of the sport. Getting cut from the HKFC U-15s turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as he decided to focus more on his "second" sport. Over the next few years, Harry went on to set school records, national junior records and a Hong Kong national record in the 3000m. He competed for an NCAA Division 1 school in California before returning to Hong Kong and founding Buffalo Running Company.  

"I remember finishing 23rd in our inter-house Year 7 cross country race. Two years later when I was picked for the last spot on the inter-school cross country team, I placed over 50th in my age group. At this point any potential in distance running was very well hidden, and most coaches would have written me off. I want BuffCo to be a club that hunts for excellence in every level of runner, because you never know who's going to jump out and grasp the opportunity like I did when I was 16. The most beautiful thing about running is that despite all the science, data, predictions and times - when the gun goes off, it's anybody's race!"


  • Track, Cross-Country, Road, Trail

  • NCAA D1 Cross-Country/Track & Field (Loyola Marymount)

  • Former Hong Kong National Team


800m - 1:59.85

1500m - 3:57.86 

3,000m - 8:34.90

5,000m - 15:01.29

10k - 31:38

Half Marathon - 1:10:30

Marathon - 2:33:54

100km - 9hrs 56min

West Island XC Record (7:33)

HK Junior National Records  1500m & 3,000m

HK Men's National Record  3,000m

Lantau Trail FKT (7:53)

Multiple former HK Champion

800m, 1500m, 5000m

EE PRESENTS 20210612 - BUFFCO TRACK 1500 FINALS-82.jpg


Head Coach

Hometown: Hong Kong

Nationalities: Hong Kong, USA

Nicole started off as a footballer and competitive swimmer in school. She wasn't naturally talented at swimming, and football proved to be a dead end, with the lack of female opportunities in the sport, in Indonesia. When her marathoning father cajoled her into joining him on a Sunday long run, she said ok, and soon found her passion for putting in the solo work, and seeing it pay off in gratifying ways on race day. She read Runners' World and hit the treadmill for a year in high school, before understanding the power of a team and guidance at Wellesley College.


"Running has taught me how to push my boundaries to unthinkable limits. It has left me lifeless and gasping for air at times, but it has also left me feeling limitless and proud, and has gifted me with life-long friendships and priceless moments of camaraderie. It offers the highest of highs, the lowest of lows and everything in between. From preparing for races, to executing a race, to running for the joy of movement - running offers a world of self-discovery. Helping others find their way through in running is a privilege. I particularly love showing less experienced runners that running further actually requires less effort (yes, really), and a little bit of teamwork."


  • Track & Field, Cross-Country, Road Racing

  • NCAA D3 Cross-Country/Track & Field (Wellesley College)

  • Former Hong Kong National Team - Marathon 


NCAA D3 Cross-Country National Qualifier

NCAA D3 Track & Field Regional Qualifier, 3000m Steeplechase

Former HK Champion - 10k & Half Marathon Championships

13th Place at Asian Games Marathon, 2018 - 2:55:23

Half Marathon - 1:20:23 (Niigata. 2019)

Marathon - 2:48:23 (Tokyo, 2018)

Seoul Nike Women's Half Marathon Champion (2016, 2017)

Seoul Marathon - 3rd Place

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